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I am not taking new weekly customers until SEPTEMBER 2020

Do I need a provisional licence before I start my lessons?

Yes, you must have received your licence before you can begin lessons and you must bring it with you for the first lesson.  You will also need to be able to read a number plate from 20.5 meters.  If you need glasses or contact lenses to read it you must wear them to drive.

When can I apply for my provisional licence?

You can apply for your licence 3 months before your 17th birthday (or 3 months before your 16th birthday if you are applying for a motorcycle or moped licence).

Where do I get my provisional licence from?

You apply for your licence from The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency(DVLA).  You can apply online by clicking here  via the governments gov.uk site or you can pick up an application form from your Post Office.

Can I have a lesson on my 17th birthday?

Yes, so long as you have your provisional driving licence.

What is the Theory test and do I need to pass that before I start my lessons?

You need to take a Theory Test before you can apply to take your Practical Test.  Amber Driving (Kendal) customers will have full FREE access to Theory Test Pro to help prepare for their theory test.  You can try Theory Test Pro by  visiting the links page and clicking the Theory Test Pro banner.

How do I book my Theory Test or Practical Test?

BEWARE, there are many web sites which appear to be the official site for booking your Theory and Practical tests but which charge far more than the official fee.  Visit the links page and click the GOV.UK banner to go to the official site.

I already have my test booked will you let me use your car?

Sorry I  do not inconvenience my weekly customers to accept ‘one off’ bookings for people who have booked a test in Kendal and expect to have a ‘few lessons’ and take their test in  my car.

Where do I find the answer to any other questions I have?

Fell free to Contact Us by phone, email or by completing the form on the Contact Us page.